At ExcelCalcs users post excellent calculations covering a myriad of topics. Site Administrator offer guidance to encourage good quality uploads and they review all uploads within a few days. However the bottom line is that there is no warranty on downloads.
So when searching calculations look out for:

  • High download count.
  • Good ratings.
  • Positive comments.
  • Downloads that are well supported in the forum link.
  • Downloads with validation notes.
  • Upload date – older files with positive comments are more trustworthy than newer files with negative comments.
  • Good authors – Featured authors, authors with many uploads, authors with a record of supporting their documents in the forums.

ExcelCalcs provides user tools to help keep track of both their downloads and uploads to help control the quality of calculations on the site. Useful Links Under Member Login:

  • My Downloads - What have I downloaded? When it was downloaded?
  • My Updates - Has it been updated? Why was it updated? – view the ‘Forum Link’ on each download page.
  • My Uploads - Control any revisions to your uploads.

  Your User Menu - the user menu explained in this video. How to check your XLC subscription and get your XLC release code. Check all your downloads and check for updated calculations. Uploading documents and version control. Updating your email address, username, avatar and other details.

Repository news

Uploaded Repository Download and Author Discussion Links
2010 Nov. 09 This file is located in the Civil Engineering folder. US Steel Sheet Pile Design by eng619
2010 Nov. 08 This file is located in the Add-Ins folder. XLC addin for MS Excel by JohnDoyle
2010 Nov. 04 This file is located in the XLC ED folder. Quadratic Equations.xls by BillyNoMates
2010 Nov. 03 This file is located in the Structural Details folder. Steel Beam with Web Openings by gfs_se
2010 Nov. 02 This file is located in the Civil Engineering folder. Sheet Piling NYSDOT.xls by eng619
2010 Nov. 02 This file is located in the Add-Ins folder. steel beams with web openings-V2.xlsx by gfs_se
2010 Oct. 22 This file is located in the Civil Engineering folder. wind pressure ASCE 7-05 by dyk

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