Image I would like to thank all those people who have contributed to the site this year so here is one Christmas present you can open early! My gift is the gift of knowledge (which is cheaper than buying you all a drink) - I have put together a flash tutorial on how to perform matrix operations using MS Excel. Click on the present to view. Excel is often criticise for not matching up to MathCAD in its mathematical prowess but I am constantly amazed at what can be accomplished with Excel and what gems of functionality are included (like matrix functions).

I have been busy in the website ‘backend’ making the site more URL friendly so that you can navigate the site with ease. takes you straight into the maths downloads folder rather than the convoluted URL strings we used to have - but don't worry the old URL still work so there is no need to update any links you have saved.

Repository News

It seems that everyone has been busy partying so I am afraid I have no new calculations to tell you about. How about making a New Year’s resolution to upload one?