The first thing to realise is that Wraps are accessed through your own ExcelWraps subdomain. You’ll become administrator of your subdomain and set up your users with at least one ‘role’. For example Unipart roles link to their competence management system (Production Operative 2, Production Operative 3, Key Operative, Team Leader and Production Engineer). 


The second step is to start designing your Wraps. In Unipart’s case their existing paper route cards (or job cards) were their starting point for design. Functionality is enhanced by adding in Wrap features:

  • Live Calculations - summation, averaging, maximum, data table lookups, spreadsheet logic… any functionality you would associate with a spreadsheet can be achieved in a wrap.
  • Live Charts – always the best way to review numeric data.
  • Images, audio and video files - guide users through any problem with multi-media.
  • Digital Signatures – Signoff is linked to user 'roles' and the company competence management.
  • Wrap Links – Pulling in information from other wraps (reduce input and duplication errors).
  • Attachments – include photos, pdf documents and Excel files to any wrap instance. An ideal way to capture unforeseen work or handover notes between shifts.
  • Global Positioning System (GPS) features – Use tablets and smartphones to save your position on a map.

Wraps are created using Excel with our own add-in software XLW. We work with you sharing a working folder via DropBox and sharing screens using TeamViewer or Google Hangouts. We'll help you plan your approach, manage your sudomain and users and help you use Excel and our XLW add-in. Specifically you do not need to know anything about software development, databases, hosting, security, backup management, system recovery strategies or systems architecture… we take care of all this. 

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