Improved Service for XLC Pro SubscribersFollowing up some points raised in the forum the number of downloads per 24 hour period has been increased from 6 to 10 for XLC Pro subscribers (it is reduced from 6 to 4 for XLC Ed subscribers). An XLC Pro folder has been introduced to the repository for XLC Pro subscribers only. Over the coming weeks it will be filled with enhanced calculations which extend the functionality of existing calculations outside the XLC Pro folder.

Excel Tips

The excel tips sections have been extended: 

Site Survey

Please take part in the latest site survey it provides very useful information for us. I have put a reminder on the site that will be triggered each time you download a file. Thanks for your co-operation.

Repository News

file_icons/generic.pngExcavator Arm.xls

This is one of the tools we have been using to demonstrate the power of ExcelCalcs to JCB.

file_icons/generic.pngStress in a plate due to a point load.xls

Purpose of calculation: Calculate plate bending stress when subject to a point load...

file_icons/generic.pngSemiCircular Tension Fitting.xls

Purpose of calculation: Calculate stress in a 'semi circular' tension fitting (or bath tub fitting). Calculation ...

file_icons/generic.pngAngle type tension fitting.xls

Purpose of calculation: Calculate stress in a 'angle' tension fitting...

file_icons/generic.pngChannel type tension fitting.xls

Purpose of calculation: Calculate stress in a 'channel' tension fitting...


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