A new version of XLC is released! Play video preview or download now.
Here is a short description three new buttons we have added to improve your spreadsheet productivity:
Automatic equation redraw gives a tremendous productivity gain but you need to switch it off to work on a large spreadsheet because it will slow you down. It is now easy to switch XLC's automatic features off and on and also to check its current setting.
It is easy to toggle between algebraic equation display and numeric equation display with XLC's new 'Number\Algebra' button.
Now it is now easy to decipher calculations in tabular form by displaying the tabular formulae in XLC equations!

XLC Pro Special Offer

If all this new functionality has wetted your appetite to upgrade to XLC Pro membership here is a special offer to help you take the plunge.  Remember if you are not in a position to pay for your subscription then you can earn your subscription by donating a calculation. At ExcelCalcs we like to keep the door open to anyone who is prepared to contribute either financially or by donating. We need your support to grow.

Another Internet Frog!


We found another internet frog and it could help you select sustainable materials for your design work. Matbase's material property database allows you to select materials based on up to three search criteria (eg yield strength, Young's modulus and specific heat). Their news section features many innovative solutions to material selection problems. It covers all major material categories, i.e. ferrous metals, non-ferrous metals, polymers, technical ceramics, wood, glass, laminates and natural and artificial fibres. Furthermore Matbase gives you access to the worlds largest environmental database. It’s an incredibly powerful tool when used in (sustainable) design projects. The Matbase community helps you get in touch with material experts all over the world and offers you the opportunity to share your knowledge and experience with other community members.


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  Many free XLC Pro subscriptions have been earned in the last few weeks. Why not earn one yourself?

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tn2056_469538466bb42.jpg Alex, as diligent as ever, updates a number of his workbooks:
















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