Image Sadly we all age and die. XLC is regularly improved and we want all our users to benefit from them, so old versions die and new versions can be downloaded. It simplifies support issues and it also offers some protection from piracy. Many of you will be running XLC version 03_08 build 03 which will die on 30th May 2008. You can download build 04 which will extend XLC life until 27th Sept 2008. Apologies if this causes any inconvenience.
1) Download XLC version 03_08 build 04 zip file.
2) Close Excel.
3) Goto the Start>All Programs>XLC>Uninstall XLC
4) Run the new setup.exe file in the XLC version 03_08 build 04 zip download.
5) Start Excel.
6) On the XLC toolbar select the ‘About XLC and settings’ button (it’s the last one on the bar) to check the new expiry date of 27th Sept 2008.
Please note that when XLC expires only the ability of XLC to redraw equations will cease to work. Those equations already drawn remain as graphic objects and all Excel functions (including XLC functions) continue to work. There is never a danger of not being able to use your excel file or loosing time you have invested in developing a spreadsheet.

ImageExcelCalcs TV
-  The site takes a new direction in developing video material to complement our calculations. The videos will provide good support by leading users through repository calculations. There are not may there at the moment but there is enough for you to see the direction in which we are heading. You will be invited to upload your own videos if you wish. Once again all the content can be rated and discussed by registered users.



Repository News - ExcelCalcs User sumnerdave has made it to my favourite users list by uploading this first Repositoy calculation this month. Its a great calculation for anchor bolts. Don't forget to thank him for his work and isn't it about time you uploaded a calculation?

FileXLC Version 03_08
FilePanel vibration.xls
FileAppendix D - Anchor Bolt Anchorage


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