ImageThanks for Spreading the Word - We are delighted with the rapid take up of ExcelCalcs just over 2200 unique visitors for the first 2.5 weeks in March 2007. A quarter of visitors register with the site. Interestingly 68.7% have come from email links, 30.5% from links on your websites and just 0.8% from search engines. This tells me that you guys are keeping your pledge to spread the word. The bigger the community the more calculations can be shared so keep emailing your friends, mention us in your news groups and add a link to us on your website.

Image Playtime in the ExcelCalcs Forum - ExcelCalcs has a number of Forum dealing with different issues in each forum there are topics raised by our users. Using the ExcelCalcs Forum any user can search, read or reply to topics. In an attempt to encourage users to participate there is a Users Test Area just for us to play around with we will clear it from time to time so dont worry about goofing anything up. Post a comment there now.

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ImagePilkey is the New Roark for Engineers? - Pilkey's "Formulas for Stress, Strain, and Structural Matrices" rewrites, extends and brings up to date that much loved engineers reference book Roark's "Formulas for Stress and Stain". An Amazon reviewer writes "A first-class reference book, very well organized. As a practising structural engineer, I'm commonly confronted with strength of materials formulas for different kind of structural members and I do extensive FE modelling. It is interesting to have analytical formulas to check sometimes these calculations. Roark's formulas for stress and strain had'nt satisfied me: information is not oriented for structural engineers, introductory texts are not enough theoretical and everywhere you have US units. In Pilkey's book, you have the perfect structural engineer's reference: many chapters, with at first a list of notation, explanation of conventions, and then a short introductory course on the subject together with solved examples. After that, there it is: magnificent well-organized "tables", with all kind of data interesting to a structural engineer. As an example, I'll mention that you can find plastic section modulus for about 11 type of sections. Units are mixed for examples, but for data you have always both US and SI units data furnished. For all entries, Pilkey's book is far more complete than the Roark's one. You'll be surprised by the vastness and depth of formulas furnished. Furthermore, you have structural matrices in each case if you want to do numerical programming. The list of references is up to date and very extensive."

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Image Thanks to Pilkey you'll find Roark's "Formulas for Stress and Stain"at knockdown prices. It is still an engineering class and let's face it the laws of physics rarely change so you could snap up a bargain from the ExcelCalcs Store via,,,,

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