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Follow the link to view the results of last week's survey. The study aimed to show us what users like best about the site and to understand the barriers to user participation. What do they show and what conclusions can we draw? Discuss here.

XLC Bug Fix...

Click for bug fix I have noticed in my attempts to make XLC work with Excel 2008 I have introduced a bug in XLC version 01_08. I have had no user reports of the bug so I hope it has not affected anyone. I work my copy of XLC pretty hard and I noticed that under some circumstances XLC was hiding sheets; it could even give the impression that you are loosing worksheets. I suggest everyone installs the latest build of XLC version 01_08 (build 0004). Sorry to put you to this trouble.

Site Upgrades
I have also upgraded much of the site software this weekend so I would be grateful if you could report in any bugs you notice.

Repository News

Clearly the survey triggered some of you into action because I was very pleased to receive two new uploads this week.


FileUniformly Loaded Plates.xls

ExcelCalcs user ehlertg has taken an existing Repository calculation and extended its scope to cover new loading conditions. ehlertg was generous enough to upload the modified calculation to share with us. I hope more users follow his lead!



This is very useful calculation by ExcelCalcs User kbill. He is a Spanish speaking Argentinean so you may find the babelfish translation site useful. kbill is clearly a very clever guy using structural matrix methods to solve truss problems. I am sure that kbill will be pleased to receive any comments, in particular to help the translation of his calculation instructions into English. So don't forget to offer some assistance using the forum link.

To me there seems to be a lot of good will towards ExcelCalcs and most users would like to contribute in some way. Why not just add a quick comment to thank ehlertg or kbill for their contributions? A little thank you can go a long way.