XLC Bug Fixes - Some of our European users have flagged up some international bugs like using "," in place of a decimal point. XLC's UND() function conflicted with the German spelling of the Excel AND() function. Thanks for reporting the bugs and I am happy to say they have been fixed and the latest version can be downloaded from the site .

Getting to know You - We don't want to hassle you for loads of information when you first register but in these early days since the site launch it is interesting for us to know a little bit about you. Nothing too detailed - how you found out about us, what your discipline is (engineer, mathematician...) and some feedback about ExcelCalcs. You can supply all this information by logging in and selecting this link.

A Good Home for the Unloved - Many of us have perfectly good excel calculations lying dormant somewhere on our hard drives. These files that once served you so well are often forgotten, overlooked and unloved. You could provide a happy home for these files in the ExcelCalcs Repository where our users will take a new interest in them and take them on journeys across the globe. Spread math love - send us a calculation! We are delighted to report our first user upload from 'Boffin' - a calculation for the natural frequency of a flat panel - its quite useful if you are looking to avoid resonance. Some more heat transfer problems have been uploaded too.

Amazon@ExcelCalcs - Remember if you buy from Amazon buy through the ExcelCalcs Online Store it will cost you exactly the same Amazon price, it will be sent to you by Amazon in the usual way but Amazon will pay a referral fee to ExcelCalcs.

Spreading the Word - Since the launch on February 24th 2007 our main focus is to let everyone know we are here. Its is going very well (a record 117 registrations yesterday) but your recommendations are crucially important to us as we try to expand the user-base. So if you like what we are trying to do please email your friends, mention us in your newsgroups or put a link on your website.

Thanks for your help