Thanks to all the test visits I have had to the site in January. We have collated all your comments and made the following improvements:

1) The site now only requires minimal information during the registration process. Additional details can be added at a later date after you have logged in via the 'Your Details' link on the site menu.

2) The installation process has been improved. There is now no need to register XLC with Excel as an add-in it now happens automatically. We have made some other changes to XLC, nothing of great significance but you might like download the new version.
3) The flash help files have been improved.

4) The Repository now contains 137 solved problems. Many thanks in particular to Katie and Dan for their contributions.The following sections now have significant content:

GEOMETRY :section properties

STRENGTH : beams, buckling, cracks, materials, plasticity, stress concentration and torsion

HEAT : conduction, convection, radiation and combined heat transfer.

MACHINES : pins and joints, ropes and cables, shafts, threads and Welds.

We have been promised quite a few more and I'll look forward to seeing them.

5) All repository downloads now include links in the worksheets so that it is easy to rate or review downloads. Please rate/review some documents

6) The Online store is up and running and we am please to report an impressive income of £1.87... mmm well its a start. Please remember to buy from Amazon via the ExcelCalcs store .