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Pipe Weight and Tank Volume and Weight Calculator.

In the "WEIGHTS.xls" workbook, I was recently asked to expand the capabilities to include extra strong (XS) and double-extra strong (XXS) pipes. In the earlier version, only Standard weight pipes were addressed. Thus, I added 2 new worksheets, "XS Pipe Wt's" and XXS Pipe Wt's", and updated the "Pipe Rack Level Wt." worksheet as well.


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FileAppendix D - Anchor Bolt Anchorage

Anchor Bolt(CSA)rev1.1.xls" is a MS-Excel spreadsheet workbook for the analysis of anchor bolt anchorage per the Canadian Standard Code, A23.3-04, Appendix D.

Thank you for your comments. I've fixed the conditional format problems that you have mentioned and some that were not. I've submitted a new version but forgot to fix the simplest of errors "kip" to "KN". sad.png



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Steel Beam Stiffener Analysis for Concentrated Loads (ASD).

In the "STIFFNER.xls" workbook, a glitch was brought to my attention. A good while ago I had made the revision in calculating the stiffener width (bs) to round it down to the nearest 1/2". In the calculation of the total weld length (Lw) for attaching the stiffener to the beam flange, I was using the actual unrounded stiffener length and not the rounded down stiffener length. This has now been corrected.



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Concrete Slab on Grade Analysis for Post and Wheel Loading

The "GRDSLAB.xls" workbook recently went through a thorough independent check for validation prior to it's use on one of the projects here at work. As a result, I was asked to add some additional comments and references for clarification. Also it was discovered that in the "Slab on Grade" worksheet that there were certain combinations of concentrated load (P), subgrade modulus (k), and contact area (Ac) which would produce a #N/A error message for some the minimum slab thickness calculations shown off of the calculation page on the right side of the display. These minimum slab thickness calculations were originally placed there for convenience and reference only, so they are not actually required. The simple iterative solution that I was using fails sometimes in part because of the complex nature of the equations, as well as the VLOOKUP command not working properly due to the iterative expression results not always being in complete ascending order. I added a note shown in red text to explain these occurrences to the user.


FileLoad combination tools

 This worksheet includes loads combinating and load combination case for Staad/Pro input file. You can see a log-in dialog when you open the spreadsheet. Please click the "Enter Program" botton to access first time. Of course, the password could be change if you want to do.

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