Soakaway Design to BRE Digest 365 2016



Soakaway design to BRE Digest 365 2016. Calculates the capacity utilisation and time to empty to 50% for a selected soakaway size, using impervious and pervious drained area, soil infiltration rate (f), rainfall intensity (r value), climate change, and selected rainfall event return periods. Suitable for use in England in Wales. Gives conservative figures which can be modified for Scotland and Northern Ireland. Uses Wallingford Procedure for return periods other then M10-D. Separate worksheets are included for standard soakaways with precast concrete manhole rings surrounded by granular material, soakaways without manhole rings (trenches, for example), circular soakaways, permeable paving, and attenuation pond sizing. Includes a worksheet for calculating soil infiltration rate from site tests.

Calculation Preview

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08 Nov 2020
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825.21 Kb
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Roger Attwood

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JohnDoyle[Admin] 2 years ago
Great calculation - another 3 month extension to your XLC Pro subscription. You are building quite a collection Roger. Many thanks.