Estimating: Hole punching requirements for rollformed sections



Excel workbook setup in similar style to estimating, and punching sheets used by rollformers. Also contains macros to generate a ACAD LT script in a default location. Highlight the data table for the punching requiremnts, run the Excel macro, then in ACAD LT run the default script ( setup toolbar to run default script). So far not submitted the Excel version to the rollformers. I started drawing members in ACAD, but used Excel to check string of hole spacing dimensions, and wrote macro to export from Excel. Then decided to expand the simple data table to reflect the punching forms the rollformers use. Its a bit cumbersome to mark up the sketches in Excel, but ultimately can calculate the required dimensions. If can find away to do all in Excel then good, otherwise will add further scripting into ACAD.
Submitted On:
23 May 2010
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374.00 Kb
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Conrad Harrison

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