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KNOWN: Inner and outer surface temperatures of a glass window of prescribed dimensions.

FIND: Heat loss through window.

ASSUMPTIONS: 1. One-dimensional conduction in the x direction

2. Steady -state conditions

3. Constant properties

Calculation Reference
Fundamentals of Heat and Mass Transfer - Frank P. Incropera

To calculate the heat loss through a single glass pane, considering the inner and outer surface temperatures of the glass window and the given assumptions, you can follow these steps:

  1. Determine the surface area of the glass pane: Calculate the surface area of the glass pane, which is the area of one side of the pane.

  2. Calculate the temperature difference: The temperature difference (ΔT) across the glass pane is given by:

    ΔT = T_inner - T_outer

    Where T_inner is the inner surface temperature and T_outer is the outer surface temperature.

  3. Calculate the thermal conductivity: The thermal conductivity (k) of the glass material is a property specific to the glass type being used.

  4. Calculate the thickness: The thickness (L) of the glass pane can be measured or obtained from specifications.

  5. Calculate the heat flux: The heat flux (q') through the glass pane is given by Fourier's Law of heat conduction:

    q' = (k * ΔT) / L

    Where k is the thermal conductivity and L is the thickness of the glass pane.

  6. Calculate the heat loss: The heat loss (Q) through the glass pane is obtained by multiplying the heat flux by the surface area:

    Q = q' * Surface Area

By following these steps, you can determine the heat loss through a single glass pane based on the given inner and outer surface temperatures, and the assumptions of one-dimensional conduction in the x direction, steady-state conditions, and constant properties.

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