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Note: This repository item is simply a link to the Dennis Kirk Engineering website - here you can download Microsoft Excel spreadsheets covering a number of useful mechanical, fluid flow and gas compression calculations. Or follow the links below.

Factor.pdf memorandum which proposes a better way to extend the calculation of compressible flow through thin, square edge orifice plates to high differential pressures (eg vent or blowdown from high pressure to atmosphere).
calculates the length of a Drive Belt
includes an X-Y Interpolation User Defined Function for obtaining intermediate values from a data table. 
out an X-Y Interpolation for obtaining intermediate values from a data table.
interpolates to obtain intermediate values  from a data list.
calculates the load on a 3 phase electric motor.
calculates the K Factor and Equivalent Length of a large range of pipe and fittings for use in flow calculations.
Centrifugal Pump calculations.
the Centre of Gravity of small or large structures from single components to offshore platforms.
gases between different pressure and temperature states in both Metric and British (US) units.
Properties of Hydrocarbon based Gas Mixtures using the GPSA Engineering Data Book (11th Edition) 
pressure temperature limits of various typical Piping Components and Valves.
the Capacity of Transmission Drive Shafts.
calculates Gas Properties using Equation of State from Van der Waals, Redlich-Kwong, Soave-Redlich-Kwong and Peng-Robinson.
plate calculation for liquids or gases using Crane Flow of Fluids method. Includes Nozzle, Venturi and Square Edge orifice plates,
statistical analysis of small sample data sets. Considers the probability that the data fits a Normal distribution profile.

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01 Oct 2007
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26 Aug 2009
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InfoJunkie65 17 years ago
Interesting if your a student doing textbook problems, and learning the process. Plots of shear force, and bending moment diagrams would be useful. Otherwise one spreadsheet with different end conditions and multiple loads is of more practical value.