Tension in slings with soft top loop



This spreadsheet solves for the tension in a four leg sling set that uses a soft loop at the top instead of a metal master link. This type of sling set is frequently used when minimum sling set weight is a must. Full calculation method documentation is provided.

User inputs weight, cg location, lift point locations, and maximum pick point height. The sheet graphically displays system angles, lengths and tensions and provides the final sling set configuration. Allows the user to quickly select the required rope lengths and diameters by inputting only the bare minimum amount of information. I use this often for lightweight marine sling set design and I have had no rope failures. 

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21 May 2016
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21 May 2016
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Roland Cranford

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Comments: 4
JohnDoyle[Admin] 7 years ago
All the best engineers spend a lot of time going back to that drawing board! Thanks for the warning and I'll look forward to your update.
sonicboomman2008 7 years ago
I was designing a sling set today and as I was checking equilibrium I found that as the center of gravity is shifted from the center of the lift points, the line of action no longer coincides with the centroid of the triangle and my assumptions are no longer valid. Back to the drawing board! I will update when I get it figured out!
sonicboomman2008 7 years ago
Thanks John! It is a pleasure to be a member and I look forward to sharing many more and improving the calcs that I have.
JohnDoyle[Admin] 7 years ago
Well done again Roland! I particularly like the presentation style in your charts. Free lifetime membership well deserved. We are very lucky to have you.