This sheet was built as a quick and easy way to check weld sizes and stresses. I think (or hope anyway) that it is pretty self explanatory. And as far as I know it's accurate, but if you find errors feel free to let me know.

Calculation Reference
Beam calculation
Structural analysis

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16 Feb 2009
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David York

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Comments: 4
Eslam 2 years ago
nice and easy
ATomanovich 7 years ago
Since I've created and have posted a weld analysis workbook on this website, I'll take liberty to answer your question that you posed to the author.
The formula that he has shown for the section modulus of a circular weld treated as a line, Sw = (pi)*D^2/4, is in fact correct. The formula for the moment of inertia of a circular weld treated as a line is Iw = (pi)*r^3 = (pi)*D^3/8. Also, Sw = Iw/r = Iw/(D/2).
There are several textbooks and many references on-line that will confirm the above equations.
Polecat 7 years ago
What you are calling Section Modulus in Weld Case #8 is actually the area of the circle, not the Section Modulus of a hollow cylinder. How do you reconcile this?
NewMechEngr 13 years ago
Thank you for your upload we have rewarded you with a 3 month XLC Pro Subscription.