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Multiworkbook application for managing simple bill of materials (BOM). Single level BOM's define multilevel assemblies, and can be exploded into an indented list. Different workbooks can be used to define materials and assemblies used. Pressing ctrl-shift-E whilst in the materials list will bring up a dialogue box which permits jumping from one subassembly definition to the next, based on which item in an assembly is selected. This is an extension and rewrite of the earlier versions. The earlier versions used VLOOKUP and descriptions, this version only makes use of the integer code numbers to define assemblies. Potentially useful to students of IE/POM/CAPM.


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02 Sep 2010
File Size: 347.52 Kb
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File Version: 1.0
File Author: Conrad Harrison
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Comments: 2
hehszyszki 3 years ago
how to dl
infojunkie65 13 years ago
A recurring problem. Working through individual low level BOM's is time consuming in Excel. I therefore attempt to move away from exploded indented BOM's and try alternative approaches. But then end up with different tables for different types of items. The idented BOM is more consistent: but its vertical format is wasteful of paper. Also at the end of the day, I do need simplified separate tables to match the type of item, and provide relevant additional information for.
The problem is that alternative workbooks, produce a complexity of cell formulae which are not easy to follow and trace back to the built up components and aggregate gross quantities required. Also no graphics.
The typical result is I scrap the workbooks, grab some coloured pens and paper and work out manually: with simple symbolic sketches of parts quantitifying. Yet ultimately I end up manually writing out an indented BOM for various parts of the building assembly.
I know what the VBA does, and it does it consistently. Where as alternative cell formula can be inconsistent and need to change from job to job.
I guess some things are best started with a blank piece of paper every time.
I do have AdvancedBOM but that does do all that is required, nor have the flexibility of Excel. For the few occassions that have to do such things cannot justify more complex system.
So really need to develop a more user friendly interface to using this explodedBOM workbook: but that also takes time.
The benefit of using Excel is that I can calculate dimension of parts in Excel and link into the BOM. I can also do structural analysis in Excel and also link section size into the BOM.
At moment not sure what it needs. A visual tree would help. AdvancedBOM has that but still something lacking, with respect to defining assemblies.
Seems to be more work than necessary when only making small variations on a theme. Maybe its just me, just got to be in right mood and have focus on task.
Any ideas would be helpful.
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