Beam Moment and Shear



Calculates moment and shear diagrams for several common pinned and cantilever beam loads.

Calculation Reference
Structural Analysis
Beam Theory
Strength of Materials


Calculation Preview

Submitted On:
30 Jan 2015
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860.94 Kb
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Roland Cranford

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Comments: 3
sonicboomman2008 7 years ago
I updated this because I found the fixed step lengths caused the step size to miss point load locations frequently. Let me know if you find any other problems!
sonicboomman2008 8 years ago
Auto scaling charts now included.
JohnDoyle[Admin] 8 years ago
I have extended your XLC Pro subscription by another 3 months by way of thanks. I know you have some more uploads for me to process. II'll get round to this tomorrow :)