Steel Angle Lintel Design



Design of laterally unsupported steel angle lintels subject to vertical loads. This design is in accordance with the American Institute of Steel Construction (AISC) 13th Edition requirements. Here are the key points about the calculation:

  1. Design Basis: The design is based on the lintel design loads specified by the user along with dead load and live load deflection criteria. The user can select a single angle or double angle lintel configuration, and define limits on the upper and lower bounds of both the horizontal and vertical leg sizes.

  2. Automatic Selection: Based on the selected criteria, up to 20 selections are automatically made from the AISC database of steel angles. The selections are then presented and sorted in ascending weight order along with the corresponding deflections, allowable bending stresses, and a unity check on the ratio of actual to allowable bending moment.

  3. Design Method: The design can be done with either the Allowable Stress Design (ASD) or Load and Resistance Factor Design (LRFD) method in accordance with AISC 13th Edition.

  4. Complex Issues: This worksheet provides a solution to the more complicated issue of the two principle axis bending of unequal leg angles and provides a calculation for vertical deflections of such angles which will typically exceed the deflections calculated using the geometric moment of inertia.

Calculation Reference
AISC Steel Design

Structural Steel Design

Steel Designers Manual

Calculation Preview

Steven Capri (docapri)
20 Jun 2023
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johndoyle[admin] 12 months ago
Updated calculation description.
brownden 10 years ago
I have experienced the same problem. What is it I am not doing or what has to be set in the file to correct the problem. I have emailed a PDF printout to John. Thanks Denis
johndoyle[admin] 10 years ago
I took a look at this and could not reproduce any #N/A errors. Could you tell me how to reproduce the error so I can see for myself?
sumnerdave 12 years ago
I have a similar program that I use. Nice work!
johndoyle[admin] 12 years ago
Thanks for another very usefulcalculation Steve. [Admin]
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