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"ANGLE.xls" is a MS-Excel spreadsheet program for analysis and code check of steel beams per AISC 13th Edition and either ASD or LRFD load combinations. The spreadsheet calculates the capacity for a member subjected to major/minor axis bending, shear and axial forces. All the worksheets are protected, but not with a password. Please read the "DOC" worksheet for program details as well as assumptions and limitations. Revision 1.3

Calculation Reference
AISC Construction Manual

Calculation Preview

David (sumnerdave)
06 Dec 2016
File Size: 155.50 Kb
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File Version: 1.3
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Comments: 8
fxchess 4 years ago
Thank you very much.
alumpkin 4 years ago
Here is the AISC table.
alumpkin 4 years ago
Hi Dave, First thanks for your program. Second, I was checking the output for some angles and it appears that your capacities and those listed in ASIC Table 4-12 do not match up. See the attached output and page from AISC Table 4-12. AISC says capacity is 3.36 kips and your program says 11.17 kips. Maybe I am missing something here so please help me understand this discrepancy. Thanks, Alan.
saleh.hassan83 4 years ago
thank you
civibra 4 years ago
thanks for sharing this sheet
teckert11 4 years ago
David- are you able to updated the spreadsheet to allow the use of 50 ksi?
sumnerdave 7 years ago
Cell V26 and Combined stress ratio has been corrected in version 1.3.
sumnerdave 15 years ago
I have updated some errors with the negative/postive value output based on the direction of the forces applied. A quick visual summation of output has been added to the right of the printed area. This is version 1.2.
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