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"ANGLE.xls" is a MS-Excel spreadsheet program for analysis and code check of steel beams per AISC 13th Edition and either ASD or LRFD load combinations. The spreadsheet calculates the capacity for a member subjected to major/minor axis bending, shear and axial forces. All the worksheets are protected, but not with a password. Please read the "DOC" worksheet for program details as well as assumptions and limitations. Revision 1.3

Calculation Reference
AISC Construction Manual

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05 Dec 2016
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06 Dec 2016
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Comments: 12
fxchess 3 years ago
Thank you very much.
alumpkin 3 years ago
Here is the AISC table.
alumpkin 3 years ago
Hi Dave, First thanks for your program. Second, I was checking the output for some angles and it appears that your capacities and those listed in ASIC Table 4-12 do not match up. See the attached output and page from AISC Table 4-12. AISC says capacity is 3.36 kips and your program says 11.17 kips. Maybe I am missing something here so please help me understand this discrepancy. Thanks, Alan.
saleh.hassan83 3 years ago
thank you
civibra 4 years ago
thanks for sharing this sheet
teckert11 4 years ago
David- are you able to updated the spreadsheet to allow the use of 50 ksi?
Fouad 4 years ago
Very good
sumnerdave 7 years ago
Cell V26 and Combined stress ratio has been corrected in version 1.3.
CEI 7 years ago
I believe there is a conservative error at Cell V26. An extra set of parentheses should be added near the center of the equation. MIN((1.92.....$27))*$B$9
jwt 14 years ago
Very nice presentation, easy to use.
sumnerdave 14 years ago
I have updated some errors with the negative/postive value output based on the direction of the forces applied. A quick visual summation of output has been added to the right of the printed area. This is version 1.2.
jjmanoj007 15 years ago
Really its good one to have handy calcs & selection