Beam Column Analysis



This file covers the entire NASA Structural manual, beam column analysis.

Calculation Reference
NASA Structural manual

Calculation Preview

Submitted On:
17 Jan 2010
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790.50 Kb
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File Author:
rahul menon

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Comments: 4
JohnDoyle[Admin] 11 years ago
I have just downloaded the file and I see that there are calculations in sheet1 spanning A1:M566. I think everything is in order. Administrator.
ridvansen99 11 years ago
there is no calculation in this sheet..pls check it
rahulmenon 12 years ago
Here is the one without password...Sorry just looked at this post..
rahulmenon 12 years ago
Sorry rahulmenon I have only just noticed that you uploaded this a few weeks ago. I have extended your XLC Pro subscription by a further 3 month by way of thanks. I noticed that the file is password protected. Would you mind updating the calculation without password protection? It is another very useful calculation. Thank you.