This workbook contains 3 sheets 1 for finding the maximum allowable load that can be applied to a "slender column", 1 for bending stress, and 1 for weld stress.

Calculation Reference
Mechanical Engineering Design, 7th Ed, Shigley
Machinery's Handbook, 28th Ed.
Roarke's Formulas for Stress & Strain, 7th Ed & ASME II-D
Pressure Vessel Handbook, 8th ed, Megyesy

Calculation Preview

11 Dec 2009
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16 Dec 2009
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David York

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Comments: 3
JohnDoyle[Admin] 10 years ago
The link to the authors profile has been corrected. Also the spreadsheet says that the Protection password is "DJY" so you can easily remove it. The spreadsheet appears to be an amalgamation of many worksheets some the author's own work and some created by Alex Tomanovich.
peachsb 10 years ago
I have seen this in many places on the web. I wish I knew who originally authored it. Buried in it is an incredible resource, the entire database of the AISC 13th Ed. Properties of Steel. The beam analysis is very impressive. As stated by mofsubic, it requires a password to really use it. I cracked it, but as I am not the author, I do not feel like I should publish it. I am in process of authoring a similar one, but using XLC standards and no password.
To who ever is the actual author, please republish without password requirement.
mofsubic 10 years ago
seems to need a password and input is not possible