ACI 350 & ACI224R-01 Rectangular Section Flexural Crack Width Control




1-ACI350-06 &ACI224R-01,

2- Design of Reinforced Concrete by Jack C. McCormac_9th Ed-2013-1118129849_ACI 318-11.pdf pages 43 (Example 2.3), 6.10 Control of Flexural Cracks
and excel sheets for chapter 6

3- RCM ACI Builder v by Eng. Hussein Rida

4- Moment of Inertia of Cracked Section Transformed to Concrete

5-Quadratic eq

6- Equivalent Stiffness , Is =Ic/n
for axial force, εc = εc  fc/Ec = fs/Es  ==> F/(Ac Ec) = F/(As Es) ==> thus As Es = Ac Ec  ==> As = Ac * Ec/Es = Ac /n                                      
and for moment, εc = εc  fc/Ec = fs/Es  ==>  M*y/(Is Es) = M*y/(Ic Ec) == > Is = Ic Ec/Es = Ic/n

Calculation Reference

Design of Reinforced Concrete

Rectangular Section Flexural Crack Width Control

ACI350-06 & ACI224R-01

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