Appendix D - Anchor Bolt Anchorage ACI 318



"Anchor Bolt.xls" is a MS-Excel spreadsheet workbook for the analysis of anchor bolt anchorage per the ACI 318-05, Appendix D. The spreadsheet is designed to find the strength of a determined anchor bolt or bolts within certain concrete parameters. Tables and figures have been given adjacent to the required data cells in an attempt to self contain the calculations within the worksheet. The spreadsheet is protected but with no password required.

Calculation Reference

ACI 318-05

Calculation Preview

David (sumnerdave)
02 Nov 2008
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Comments: 6
mparks 5 years ago
Thank you for sharing the spreadsheet. It makes going through Appendix D a lot more bearable.
merelko 11 years ago
Nice job!
johndoyle[admin] 12 years ago
Please download the [ChangeUnits add-in](/404/) it makes conversion from US to metric units very straight forward.
sumnerdave 14 years ago
Could you please be more specific? What cell could you use as an example of the 1.45 factor?
All output capacities may be multiplied by 0.75 if Anchors are located in a structure assigned to SDC C, D, E, or F. (Section D3.3)
sumnerdave 14 years ago
What is the purpose of dividing all results by 1.45? Can't seem to find that in ACI-318
Are you converting to ASD?
sumnerdave 15 years ago
To comment on Mark Yerges remarks: It is true that spreadsheet does not yet account for eccentricity for bolt steel strength, but this spreadsheet is more for design of anchor bolt embedment capacity. Eccentricity & spacing is accounted only for concrete embedment strength. Unfortunately, this spreadsheet does require the user calc Avc & Anc (which accounts for edge distance) but this is elementary structural engineering.
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