Beam design Check




1- Check for Shear & Torsion Section capacity(Check for crushing of concrete Compresion strut )

2- Check for Max. allowable Shear

3- Check if Torsion may be neglected

4- Tcrack(Cracked Torsion)

5- Torsion Comparison Table

6- Determine required area of Stirrups for Torsion

7- Calculate required area of stirrups for Shear

8- Min Shear Reinforcement 

9- Min Torsional shear Reinforcement

10- Determine Combined shear and Torsion stirrups requirements

11- Check  for Max Spacing of torsion shear reinforcement

12- Check  for Max Spacing of  shear reinforcement

13- Calculating Longitudinal torsion reinforcement

14- Longitudinal reinforcement due to Moment

15-Minimum Longitudinal Reinforcement

16- Minimum Side Face Reinforcement

Calculation Reference

Concrete Design

Beam Design

Combined Beam Loading

Calculation Preview

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25 Nov 2017
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