Calculator for assessment of steel structures to AS4100



A simple calculator for assessing steel structural members and some connection components to AS4100: Australian Steel Structures Code. It requires:



Calculation Reference

Structural Analysis

Section Properties

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16 Feb 2014
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File Author: Conrad Harrison
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Comments: 3
infojunkie65 8 years ago
Have prepared a blog post with general information on setting up MS Excel environment for using my spreadsheets. Activating the add-in, updating the links, and making modifications which may be caused by using other versions of Excel. The spreadsheets are created in Excel 2003, the post is based on opening files in Excel 2016.
infojunkie65 10 years ago
Added a Environment parameter worksheet to the workbook, and a button to open the materials spreadsheet. I have also revised schTechLIB.xla, by adding an environment parameter worksheet to it. schTechLIB should now find its own location and build a path to the location of the material below.
I have checked and only AS4600 functions make use of Data Access Objects (DAO), so AS4100 should not require the struMtrl.mdb. It should be noted that DAO is available on all Windows computers and MS Access is not required.
Do not allow Excel to update link values when open schDsgn4100.xls.
It is necessary to make sure schTechLIB.xla is added to Excel add-in's before attempt to update any links.
Before updating the link to schStruMtrl.xls, open the file first, the update will be a lot faster.
I have tested by creating ExcelCalc, and materials folders in my documents under my profile. I have also tested in shared documents. I also created a new profile and set up under my documents there. I didn't time but a rough guess is took less than a minute to break the links to previous set up, and then fix the links for the new set up.
If done in the correct sequence, Excel more or less up dates all the paths itself. Some times this is beneficial most of the time I find it annoying. If want to save a copy of schDsgn4100.xls with each project on another drive and retain links to a central location: then do not copy the file to the project folder, use Excel "Save As" command to create a copy.
infojunkie65 10 years ago
Sorry! All my spreadsheets make use of vba, and some of the functions use data access objects (DAO) to get information from MS Access tables. It is done this way because traditionally a database was/is the proper place to store data not a spreadsheet. Additionally vba code is useful across more applications than a worksheet cell formula, and vlookup has some tight restrictions and is not all that reliable. Also unfortunately Excel and Access are not as tightly integrated as Borland Quattro Pro and Paradox were, which is where most of my spreadsheets started. At one stage I did have Excel worksheets grabbing data from Access tables directly, but an upgrade on one computer resulted in needing Access tables compatible with each version of Office. The other problem with Excel database queries is that it is near impossible to update the links to the database if the database file changes location. Consequently vba and DAO is actually easier to manage than using the Excel commands, as doesn't have these problems: though it may not seem so easy.
There are two sets of functions in schTechLIB, one set which make use of DAO and the other which require passing all the section and material parameters. In most instances the DAO functions call the latter.
There are thus two options available to you: Modify the workbook and remove all the functions which use DAO, or modify the vba code and change the path to the MS Access database.
I did upload a new version of schTechLIB as a quick fix to similar problem with AS4600, but that may have now crippled everything else.
I'll see if I can find time to revise schTechLIB and write some configuration macros.
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