ColdFormed Steel Sheds Australia Height Span Limits of C-Sections



Not an Excel workbook, but the results of using Excel/VBA. The design curves generated by VBA and written to Excel and Excel XY charts automatically generated. Didn't like the Excel Charts therefore used VBA to produce ACAD script (scr) to plot curves in Acad, then manually modified the chart. Would like to beable to generate similar charts more directly in Excel.

Use the chart for rapid sizing of frames from coldformed c-sections in Australia. Wind loading to AS1170.2 and section capacities to AS4600 coldformed steel structures code. Plot sales history on the chart and select optimum c-section for standard range of sheds. Check curves using the kleinlogel workbook of sheddesign workbook.

Calculation Reference
Excel VBA
Austrailian Building Code
Wind Loading

01 May 2010
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05 May 2010
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Conrad Harrison

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