Eathquake Lateral Forces ASCE7-05 / IBC 2006



Earthquake Lateral Forces according ASEC7-05 / IBC 2006:       
 Building Location Cairo     
 Soil Profile Description - TABLE 20.3-1 
 Site Class - TABLE 20.3-1 
 Site coefficients  Fa, Fv TABLE 11.4-1, TABLE 11.4-2 
 Design Spectral Acceleration Parameters:      
 Structure Type  Concrete moment-resisting frames TABLE 12.8-2 
 TL = long-period transition period
 R Response modification coefficient TABLE 12.2-1
 Building Occupancy Category Table 1-1
 I  (Importance Factor) TABLE 11.5-1    
 W Building Total Wgt.    
Calculation of Equivalent Lateral Force according Clause 12.8:       
 a- Calculation of Seismic Response Coefficient Cs according      
 b- Calculation of Seismic Base Shear V according Clause 12.8.1

Calculation Reference


IBC 2006

Steel Designers Manual

Calculation Preview

17 Nov 2014
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m_ali_abushady 11 years ago
it is according ASEC7-05 / IBC 2006.
JohnDoyle[Admin] 12 years ago
Thanks for another calculation I have awarded a free 3 month subscription by way of thanks. [Admin]
lambert 12 years ago
Based on egyptian code???
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