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This file calculate the cut-length of reinforcing bars of different bar sizes and shapes. It takes into account the effects of bending and rolling and compute the total lengths per bar size for material take-off purpose. The file includes a shape table and a sample showing how the re-bar list looks like when filled with data.

A) Purpose

"The purpose of this file is to populate the reinforcing bar list required for a project, and where, from given re-bar sizes and shapes, the cut-to-lengths are determined as well as the lenghts and weights, by re-bar sizes, are computed for material take-off. The cut-to-lengths are taking into account the bending and rolling radii as well as the streching effects on the steel of bending and rolling. The standard hooks and bends are automatically added, when applicable."

B) Calculation Tables

Hereunder are the images of the tables which served as the basis for the re-bar calculation. These tables are hidden and cannot be displayed. The tables are extracted from the CAC Concrete Design Handbook, Third Edition.

C) Programs / Macros

Various VBA macros are used for the selection of the re-bar sizes and shapes as well as for entering the dimensions and for displaying various warning or calculation messages. To activate the macros, there are the following buttons to click, and of which their particularities are explained hereunder. 

C1) Steps 1 to 5 - Entering the re-bar size, shape and dimensions

When clicking on this button, a window is displayed asking you to select a bar size. Once done, a second window is displayed to ask you to select a shape size number. The available shapes are illustrated on the Shape Table & Images tab. Then a series of windows are displayed prompting you for the necessary dimensions to perform the calculations. The dimension windows are tailored to the specific re-bar shape calculated. Once all the dimensions are entered, the remaining (calculated) dimensions are automatically added in the table as well as the cut-to-length (rounded to the next 5 mm) and the total weights and lengths. IT IS IMPORTANT THAT THE QUANTITIES (in the blue column) BE ENTERED for the computations of the lengths and weights be exact on the right side of the table and on the summary table at the bottom of the page.

C2) Step 5Bis - Changing manually one or several dimensions on a re-bar already calculated

This button is set for a manual change of one or several dimensions on a re-bar which has been already calculated. This is to avoid recalculating the re-bar again, but more importantly, avoiding the superposition of two images of the re-bar shape in the column H of the table. The process is to change the dimensions first and to click on the button for the finalization of the calculation.

C3) Step 5Bis - Changing manually the re-bar size on a re-bar already calculated

This button is set for a manual change the re-bar size on a re-bar which has been already calculated. This is to avoid recalculating the re-bar again, but more importantly, avoiding the superposition of two images of the re-bar shape in the column H of the table. The process is to click on the button and to select the new re-bar size from the displayed window. Then the calculation with the different re-bar, but the same shape and dimensions are finalized.

C4) Replacing the formulae by their values

This button is set for the replacement of the formulae in the table by their values. This is foreseen for transferring the file to a third party, or for any other reasons where we want to disconnect the results from the hidden calculation tables; a sort of PDF version. Since that it is a risky procedure, two (2) warnings windows pop up asking you to confirm the action.

C5) Inserting a line in the table

This button is set for inserting a line underneath the one where the pointer is. This action will make sure that all the formulae are copied as well in the new line. If the pointer is on the last line, a warning window will prompt you to shift the pointer up by at least one row and the inserting action is NOT done. The reason is that adding a line under the last one would jump outside of the pre-determined range and the total computation at the bottom of the page would not take these outside line in consideration.

C6) Deleting a line in a table

This button is set for deleting a line where the pointer is. The macro makes sure that the line to be deleted is within the pre-determined range. A warning window asks you for your confirmation. If the line to be deleted is the one in which a re-bar shape as been calculated, then the re-bar image has to be deleted manually. There is no other consequence.

C7) Screen display

This button is set for changing the size ratio of the screen display for the Re-bar List sheet only. By default, the sheet is set to display columns A to AB, but you can override this ratio for another one of your choice.

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Re-bar Schedule

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12 Sep 2017
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yosso 5 years ago
Great work. Mind if I convert the sheet from metric to non-metric?
JohnDoyle[Admin] 5 years ago
Thank you once again Bernard for the update to V2.1 In this version, a macro instruction has been changed to make sure that the sheet "Shapes" stays very hidden after a calculation has been performed.
JohnDoyle[Admin] 7 years ago
Thank you for your update Bernard. I think you may have encountered some difficulties as the file name included "," which is not a URL friendly character for us. It may be useful to refer to our [instructions on upgrading calculations](/support/faqs/updating-your-calculations/) in the future Thank you for your support once again.
JohnDoyle[Admin] 7 years ago
Another utility spreadsheet your free lifetime XLC Pro subscription is assured.
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