2D Frame Analysis



Analysis of a 2D frame subject to distributed loads, point loads and moments
Applied Loads
For distributed loads specify length from the ends of the start and end of the load, and the load intensity at the start and end.
For Point loads and moments specify the position and magnitude
Positions and load lengths are measured along the beam axis, as a ratio of the beam length.
Distributed and point load direction is either "X" (horizontal) or "Y" (vertical)   
Revision History
1.00    15-Feb-09    DAJ    First release
1.01    05-Mar-09    DAJ    VBA matrix solution routine added
1.02    29/03/2009    DAJ    End releases added, beam end actions added, all solution steps moved to VBA
1.03    10/05/2009    DAJ    Frame plot added, shear deformation added, support displacements added
1.04    19/07/2009    DAJ    Distributed load corrected for non-uniform load
1.05    31/12/2009    DAJ    Added check of global restraint in X and Y directions
1.06    30/01/2010    DAJ    Member end release input table headings changed

Calculation Reference
Frame Analysis

Structural Analysis

Finite element methods

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infojunkie65 14 years ago
Sounds good but appears to need Excel 2007 to open. At this stage I have no immediate plans to move away from Excel 2003. Is it possible to save in older version with out loss of functionality.
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