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A workbook containing section properties and materials properties relevant to steel design in Australia. In particular coldformed (AS4600) and hotrolled steel (AS4100). Also contains weights of materials for calculation of deadloads. Updated to provide MS Access database version of section properties as well. Is referenced by many of my other workbooks.

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15 Jul 2013
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File Author: Conrad Harrison
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InfoJunkie65 10 years ago
For those who have reached their daily download limit and need this to run my other spreadsheets, here is an alternative source:
InfoJunkie65 14 years ago
Minor revision. Two range names added to make compatible with schShedDesignerR01.xls. So can use section and cladding drop downlists.
Excel generally doesn't allow drop down lists to refer to other workbooks. But it doesn't stop copying dropdown list from one workbook to another.
This workbook will probably be changed again, as I rationalise the 10 or so versions I have in operation to keep old workbooks operating.
So using ExcelCalcs uploads as an opportunity to rationalise my workbooks and make them more portable. Currently I open a workbook, and have to wait for some 20 or more other linked workbooks to open. Copy to another computer drive and can spend a few hours trying to get the workbook to work. Seemed like a good idea at the time. Most of these links can now be replaced by a single materials library (schStruMtrl), and reference to single technical library (schTechLib).
But takes time to update, and also add features to schStruMtrl to make it compatible. (eg add more range names, add extra columns to tables, and rename the tabs, add extra worksheets)
As I find the dependencies I will revise schStruMtrl and also the dependent files. Hopefully making the workbooks uploaded to ExcelCalcs a consistent collection, not requiring legacy files to operate.
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