Bending of plates



Plate bending solutions for most of the boundary conditions covered by Timoshenko, Walter Pilkey and Roark.

  • Rectangular plate; three edges simply supported, one short edge (b) fixed
  • Uniform over small concentric circle of radius ro (ro>=0.5t)
  • Rectangular plate, all edges fixed
  • Rectangular plate; three edges fixed, one edge (a) free - UNIFORMLY DISTRIBUTED LOAD
  • Two adjacent edges fixed, two remaining edges free - UNIFORMLY DISTRIBUTED LOAD

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14 Apr 2010
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14 Apr 2010
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JohnDoyle[Admin] 8 years ago
"This download requires the XLC addin for Excel to be installed". I imagine that you do not have the addin installed so you'll probably get a #NAME error when the XLC functions are not recognised (see faqs). I hope this helps.
sdflyr 8 years ago
When I open this file in Excel 2010 I have to switch to "Enable Edit". When I do this, it appears that the formula's for a simple edge supported panel with a distributed load do not work. Can someone please advise me how to correct this problem? Thank you
roymech1 12 years ago
I have been using this to check simple equations on a webpage I have created. I notice that for a/b values of 4 the calculated values for alpha and beta do not agree with the tabled values to the right. Is it possible that the values do not equal the equations over set value. but simply flattten off.
RobertRowley 13 years ago
My error, I did not scroll down sheet, sorry
RobertRowley 13 years ago
The spreadsheet presented does not look like the one shown, no user inputs and the like
rahulmenon 13 years ago
birse, can you please send me the details of your problem in the site forum and I will try to help you. Follow the 'Forum Link' above.
rahulmenon 13 years ago
Thank you sooo much ! now it is working fine !
I really appreciate your help
have a great day
rahulmenon 13 years ago
It certainly is not your day. The download is working fine (you may just have a bad connection) but I'll email you a copy directly.
rahulmenon 13 years ago
When I unzip it "XLC addin for MS Excel"
G:\ExeclCalcs\XLC Version The archive is either in unknown format or damaged
The ZIP is not functional !
Man this is not my day ;-)
rahulmenon 13 years ago
Oh I finally understand the problem. OVD() and UND() functions are XLC functions. It looks like you have not installed XLC. Everything will be fine once this is installed.
rahulmenon 13 years ago
Same, It seems that the file was written with a GERMAN version of EXCEL.
Example, cell D109 =OVD(D103*D95*D97^2)/UND(D98^2)
Their is not English function for OVD
My Excel is unable to read this function, other EXCEL files from EXCELCALCS works fine.
Is your version reads the same as mine ?
rahulmenon 13 years ago
This may be a browser related problem. The download may be cached. I have sent the file directly to your registered email address. I hope this works.
rahulmenon 13 years ago
Thank you for helping, I've downloaded the file, but still the formules are not working, I get "THE FORMULA CONTAINS UNRECOGNIZED TEXT" is it working on your PC ? What EXCEL version do you use ?
rahulmenon 13 years ago
No worries. Your download counter is reset to zero. Apologies for this problem.
rahulmenon 13 years ago
I'm trying to download the file, but I get a message telling me that the download limit has been reached, I tried several times to download the file, but it was corrupted. Can you please reset my counter for this file ?
rahulmenon 13 years ago
Thank you for reporting this in. I have uploaded another copy of the file in xls format. It should be fine to download now.
rahulmenon 13 years ago
I have downloaded the file and it is not working, what version of EXCEL do I need ? I have EXCEL 2007
rahulmenon 13 years ago
Hey John, Awesome work with the units and the spreadsheet looks great now. I found a small error, could you please fix it, see attachment.
I finally got the composite laminate plate and shell bending working now, putting it together and would send you over the weekend. Maybe you could put your magic touch to it too.
Thanks, this website is great, you should take it to another level, you should create a section for Aerospace application.
rahulmenon 13 years ago
I have just updated the calculation with XLC and I hope you can see a couple of improvements:
I display equations using XLC rather than the bitmaps copied in. This is good because the look of the equations is consistent with the rest of the calculation and so makes for a more professional presentation. More importantly using XLC generated equations and checking against the bitmap copied equations from the text book I verify that the calculation is correct.
I did not find any formulas with errors but I did see that the formula you had used for cell E399 was very complex and I thought I had found an error. However when I updated the formula to generate the correct equation it evaluated the same number as you so it did not matter in the end. Its a shame because I would have liked to have demonstrated the power of XLC (it looks like you are too smart for me Rahul).
In cell E33 you can see a drop down combo box this is linked to the Units table in $O$4:$Z$8,$E$33. Using some native Excel functions the calculation will work for any consistent set of units. I have set it up for Fundamental, SI, SI (mm), US Unit (ft), US Unit (in). This table is easily amended to meet other sets of units.
I think you calculation is excellent Rahul far more useful and quicker to use than any text book. The method of calculation is totally transparent to the user and the formula are now verified with XLC. It must be good because modifying it has kept me occupied until midnight here in the UK. Good night and God bless. John.
rahulmenon 13 years ago
Thanks John,
About me : I am 32 years old, I have a B.S in Mechanical Engineering, Masters in Manufacturing system engineering, Masters in Management Science and Engineering and working towards my Doctorate in Thermofluids and control systems.
I am a full time employee for an aerospace company here in Washington working as a senior stress engineer and I have been doing structural analysis for more than 10 years.
I have developed lot of tools for Aerospace structural analysis using PERL, Python scripting and ofcourse the best of all microsoft excel.
I am here only to share and learn more about excel and tools developed in excel and I feel all the spreadsheets are great and could be very helpful in doing stress analysis.
So please feel free to comment, distribute my spreadsheets to anyone who is interested to look into it and if any mistakes are found please let me know and I would love to fix them and repost.
The contour plots are made using abaqus and they cannot be updated with different load conditions (you would require a macro linked to the abaqus software - another special spreadsheet) and the reason I am currently working on using direct stiffness method for the plates so I could create functional contours. Please wait for the new version in a week or two.
My main interests are to create spreadsheets to perform strain energy minimization of common structural members such as beams, plates, shells, vessels, frames etc.
I appreciate what you are doing using this webpage and it is very interesting and valuable source for engineers.
Rahul Menon
rahulmenon 13 years ago
Rahul this is a great calculation. Very well presented. How did you produce the contour plots? I hope that you take this as a compliment Rahul - I am going to do a bit of work with the file to show how XLC can better present the equations which will also validate all your cell formulae. If you are worried about distribution of the calculation you can always save as a native excel file and all XLC functions are removed leaving the equations as simple graphics (but they won't automatically update). I will also include a neat method for making the calculation work for any units.
I hope you have noticed you now have a special place on the site. If you would like to give me a few more details about yourself like I have done for Alex I would be glad to update your page.
You will also notice that I have deleted the page you generated when you uploaded the calculation. In future if your calculation updates a previous calculation simply go to the download page and use the 'update submission' button on the page. This will over write the previous calculation and you can edit the description if you need to. I have changed the file version to 1.1 you'll notice. When the calculation is updated always add a note using the forum link. Users may have 'subscribed' to this discussion topic and your note will be automatically emailed to them. Again take a look to Alex's items and use the Forum link to see what happens when he updates his file.
Thanks again and I'll bump up your subscription by another 3 months by way of thanks.
JohnDoyle[Admin] 13 years ago
What a well presented calculation. Thank you Rahul.