AISC360-16 RHS Welding check



AISC360-16 RHS Welding check rev0.0
The sheet calculates the weld properties A, Ix, Iy, Ip and weld stresses and compare it with AISC 3160-16 allowable.
- AISC 360-16.
- Design of Welded Structures, by Omer W. Blodgett-1968-9998474922.
- Behavior analysis and design of steel work connections_ Vol. 03 by El-Sayed Bahaa Machaly_6th Ed-2008-9770071706_ECP205-2001.

Hollow structural sections (HSS) are commonly used for joints in steel structures. The connections are typically made using welding. As per AISC 360-16, the design of welded HSS joints involves:

  • Determining the loads on the joint and required capacity based on structural analysis.
  • Selecting suitable HSS sizes and wall thicknesses based on the loads and fabrication considerations.
  • Designing the welded joint configuration - typically T or corner joints. The weld location, length and type (fillet, PJP groove) are selected.
  • Calculating the effective area (A) of the welds based on the weld leg length and throat thickness.
  • Determining moments of inertia (Ix, Iy) and polar moment of inertia (Ip) of the weld group about appropriate axes.
  • Calculating the stresses in the welds using the loads and weld properties. Both normal and shear stresses are checked.
  • Comparing the calculated stresses against allowable values per AISC 360-16 Table J2.5 based on the electrode used.
  • The stresses must satisfy: Pu/φPn + fux/φfnx + fuy/φfny ≤ 1.0.
  • Checking all limit states - strength, block shear, fatigue resistance as applicable.
  • The design is revised if any checks fail by increasing weld size, length or number of welds until capacity criteria are met.

The described checks ensure that the designed welded HSS joints have adequate strength, ductility and fatigue life under the applied loads.

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