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Gives the principal stresses, principal angles, max shear stress and max shear angles for a user defined set of normal and shear stress. The results are plotted out against ductile and brittle failure envelopes (Von Mises, Tresca and Mohr) as well as being plotted on a Morh circle. The input stress can also be rotated by an input angle which is also displayed graphically.


Updated to include strain input from strain gauges. 

Calculation Reference
Principal Stress
Stress Analysis
Stress Failure Theories

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07 Aug 2014
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1,499.34 Kb
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Roland Cranford

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sonicboomman2008 9 years ago
Thanks John!
JohnDoyle[Admin] 9 years ago
A great début calculation I have awarded you a free 3 month XLC Pro Subscription by way of thanks.