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Program Description:

"ANGLEFLEXSEAT" is a spreadsheet program written in MS-Excel for the purpose of determining the capacity of a flexible seat angle connection and determine the allowable beam end reaction, the allowable end moment for the purpose of end connection design and the weld capacity of the angle to a steel connection.

Program Environment:Microsoft Office Excel 2003

Creation Date:April 20th, 2010

Design References:

  1. AISC Steel Construction Manual, 13th Ed.
  2. AISC spreadsheet, "AISC_ShapesDatabase_v13.0-Current.xls"
  3. Handbook of Structural Steel Connection Design and Details; Tamboli, Akbar R.; The McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc.; 1999

    This program is a workbook consisting of two (2) worksheets, described as follows:

    Doc - documentation sheet
    ANGLEFLEXSEAT - Allowable End Reaction for Angle Seat Connection Design

  4. Revision 1.2 (5/31/10) Limited the angle width, 'b', to prevent erroneous output and limit angle bending stress.

    Program Assumptions and Limitations:
    1.   This program uses the database of member dimensions and section properties from the "AISC Shapes Database", Version 13.0 (2005) as well as the AISC 13th Edition (ASD) Manual (2005).
    2.   The user may select a beam from W, S, M, C, and MC shapes and angles from all AISC listed shapes.
    3.  This program determines the appropriate minimum angle thickness from design procedures of the Handbook of Stuctural Steel Connection Design and Detail, p. 154-156.
    4.   This program utilizes the procedure which a steel fabricator would typically use to determine end connection design loads when end reaction values are not specified on the design and construction drawings by the engineer.  This procedure is based on the AISC 13th Edition (ASD) Manual (2005) Maximum Total Uniform Load Tables on pages 3-33 to 3-95 and AISC Specification Chapter J10, pages 16.1-116 and 16.1-117.
    5.   The welding capacity, found in this program, is from the AISC 13th Edition (ASD) Manual (2005) Coefficients C for Eccentrically Loaded Weld Groups (Table 8-4) and AISC Specificiations Chapter J2, pages 16.1-93 to 16.1-102.
    6.  This program does not check the column or angle supporting member's web or flange as there are too many variables for connection.
    7.  This program contains “comment boxes” which contain a wide variety of information including explanations of input or output items, equations used, data tables, etc.  (Note:  presence of a “comment box” is denoted by a “red triangle” in the upper right-hand corner of a cell.  Merely move the mouse pointer to the desired cell to view the contents of that particular "comment box".)

    Calculation Reference
    AISC Steel Construction Manual, 13th Ed.

Handbook of Structural Steel Connection Design and Details

Calculation Preview

David (sumnerdave)
20 Jul 2010
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