Roof Purlin Design



This spreadsheet is to be used to check the adequacy of roof purlins for a specified combination of loads. The designis based on the maximum yeild strength (Mn = FySx) as stated in the AISC Manual 13th Ed. This spread sheet can only be used for load combinations with two variables. In most cases the worst case scenario is 0.6DL+W, so this should be adequate. Only the values in the highlighted cells need to be changed.

Calculation Reference

Roof Design

Structural Steel

Cold Form Sections

Calculation Preview

Jahleel (valermos)
10 May 2012
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Comments: 4
hafiz 4 years ago
is it possible to download this excel sheet
serseri 4 years ago
its good
valermos 12 years ago
Yes it is. I'm starting off simple. By the way, in structural reports, is it more desirable to have all working shown or will results in tabulated format with code cited in the reference column be adequate.
My aim is to develop spreadsheets that only need to have the input changed and then printed out.
johndoyle[admin] 12 years ago
Thanks for your second contribution. Its always good to welcome another author helping to build our repository. I have extended your XLC Pro subscription by way of thanks. [Admin]
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