Two-Way Slab Design to BS 8110



This spreadsheet performs an analysis and design of two-way spanning reinforced concrete slab. It can be used by both practicing Engineers and students. Main features of the spreadsheet 1. nice user-friendly interface 2. input cells automatically cross out invalid data 3. automatic generation of a step by step design calculation.

This spreadsheet performs an analysis and design of two-way spanning reinforced concrete slab.

Design is in accordance with BS 8110-1:1997. Bending moments coefficiens have been taking from the BS code. The equations for the analysis have been obtained from the Reinforced Concrete Designer's Handbook by Reynolds and Steedman. Self weight of the Slab is calculated automatically and included in the calculations.

This spreadsheet has been formatted using Arial, Symbol and Callibri truetype fonts. The spreadsheet has been optimised for a screen resolution of 1024x768 HiColor (16 bit) using large fonts.

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Company Details
Enter your company name and other details in the title block on the Slab Design sheet only. The details will be automatically copied to the other sheets. Company details cannot be entered in the other sheets directly.

Microsoft Excel
This spreadsheet has been developed for use in Microsoft Excel 2007 on the Microsoft Windows XP operating system.

British Standard Specification (BSI)
This spreadsheet has been developed to comply with BS 8110 : Part 1 : 1997

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Additional Information
You need to enable Macro for it to work
The Workbook is protected (but with no password) to prevent accidental changing of formulas. You can unprotect it if you wish. Just click the review tab and then click "Unprotect Sheet" (for Excel 2007)

Calculation Reference

Reinforced Concrete Design

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Analysis of Reinforced Concrete

Calculation Preview

05 Dec 2010
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Comments: 4
thak4 2 years ago
catman13 5 years ago
This is an excelent spreadsheet
JohnDoyle[Admin] 13 years ago
Sorry crystalinv I use BS8118 a Design Code quite a lot and my old brain must have been stuck in a groove. It is corrected now.
crystalinv 13 years ago
Hello John Pls correct this under the Calculation reference section. **"BS8118**" should read **"BS 8110"** thanks.
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