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Calculation of peak wind pressure to BS EN 1991-1-4 and the UK National Annex, used with either force coefficients or pressure coefficients for wind loading on structures. Using user defined location and site information, the spreadsheets takes the 'heavy lifting' out of the tables and charts for terrain category, direction factor, exposure factor, correction factor and orography factor, allowing for a rapid calculation based wind on 12 segements of 30 degrees and summarises the peak wind pressure for each quadrant. Although intended for permanent structures, options for duration (probability factor) and season are suitable for temporary works and unclad structures during erection. Applicable in the UK and Northern Ireland only. (Other locations have different approaches to basic wind speed, altitude and terrain factors)

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01 Jun 2022
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444.94 Kb
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Roger Attwood

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JohnDoyle[Admin] 10 months ago
Another great calculation I have extended your XLC Pro subscription by 3 months by way of thanks. I did have one problem opening the file - do you know the reason for this message from Excel?