Environmental loading on aluminum rigid bus



Workbook to validate environmental loading on aluminum rigid bus. Loading includes wind, ice and seismic. The seismic parameters for the continental US is included in the workbook and the parameters will be chosen based on the latitude and longitude.


Enter the latitude and longitude (Northen Hemisphere only) and the seismic values will be  sourced from the seismic data worksheet.  

Data is from the 2012 IBC table and was sourced from the  USGS Website.


The dataset used was only for the Conterminous US , Short Reference Version

There is a user defined function  to assist in the calculation of the seismic values (to caculate the Fa and Fv) - thus, the workbook will need to be accepted with the *.xlsm suffix.

Thanks for reading!

Michael S. Jones 

Calculation Reference

IBC Design Code

Wind and Seismic

ice loading

Calculation Preview

Mike Jones (yosso)
19 Jul 2016
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Yosso you have contributed many calculations to the site now we have awarded a free lifetime XLC Pro subscription to the site. Thanks for all your contributions.
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