Wind Loads on Gable Frame to Australian Wind Code AS1170.2



Use workbook to check or manually generate Height/Span limit charts for coldformed c-sections or other sections, using AS1170.2 and Kleinlogel rigid frame formula (Frame III SCI steel designers manual 5th edition).

Or simply use to get the wind loads on the on doubly pitched enclosed buildings to AS1170.2. Calculates External pressure coefficients on each surface of building.

Is dependent on:

  1. AS4045.xls
  2. schStruMtrl.xls
  3. schTechLIB.xla

To reduce number of links I have to update, I have deleted member checks to AS4600, and connection design.

As I fix up the links, for use by ExcelCalc's users I will upload more complete version.

Calculation Preview

18 Jan 2016
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infojunkie65 8 years ago
Have prepared a blog post with general information on setting up MS Excel environment for using my spreadsheets. Activating the add-in, updating the links, and making modifications which may be caused by using other versions of Excel. The spreadsheets are created in Excel 2003, the post is based on opening files in Excel 2016.
infojunkie65 12 years ago
Uploaded sample printout at scribd:
The spreadsheet can be used for calculating design wind speed, considering 8 cardinal directions and determine the pressure coefficients on a doubly pitched low rise building (house, shed etc.) If don't want the rigid frame analysis just ignore it, just use that which as application across most projects.
asafory 13 years ago
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