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Calculation Preview

Check limit states of a strap in tension, per AISC 14th Edition

Calculation Reference
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Submitted By:
Mike Jones (yosso)
Submitted On:
14 Aug 2017
File Size:
34.38 Kb
File Version:
File Author:
Mike Jones
Total Votes:1
Comments: 5
yosso 2 years ago

Seems like the file which was uploaded is corrupted. Will upload a new file.

Thank you for your reply.

jirairs 2 years ago
Can't Open the file !!??
Is this corrupt file?

yosso 2 years ago

We appreciate the feedback.

We have added some additional unit clarification and references citations to the workbook.

Thank you for the feedback.
jll4065 2 years ago
As much as I like calcs like Alex Tomanovich's, I do appreciate the brevity of this one. That said, clarification of units in the results would be most helpful, as would some basic documentation. With those additions, I would rate it a "5"
JohnDoyle[Admin] 6 years ago
Thanks again Mike another 3 month extension to your subscription by way of thanks.

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