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Common Misconceptions
 Common Misconception
 The Truth Why XLC Pro?
I can only use the free XLC trial subscription for 30 days. You can re-subscribe to our free XLC trial subscription as many times as you like. XLC will continue to work in the trial mode.
 Only XLC Pro subscribers have no restricted functionality.
I can’t pay by credit card. PayPal allows you to pay by credit card even if you don't have a PayPal account (look out for the "Don't have a PayPal account?" option on the PayPal login page).  We use PayPal because it is a safe and trusted brand. We never keep any of your financial information it's all between you and PayPal.
I can only send my XLC calculation to other users with XLC.   XLC allows you to save your work as a native Excel file and you can send this work to anyone you like.  Only XLC Pro subscribers can save in native Excel format.
I can only install XLC on one machine. Install it on as many machines as you like provided it is for your use only.  Only XLC Pro subscribers are licensed to run the software for commercal use.
I can’t use Repository files when my subscription expires. Repository downloads are simply excel files with no timeout features.  We log all your downloads and we’ll tell you if you have the latest version.
I will be locked into an annual payment. You can change to our free XLC trial subscription at any time or you can contribute for a free XLC Pro subscription.  We need your support as contributors as much as your financial support.
I must submit calculations using XLC and the XLC template. We don’t mean to be prescriptive just follow our good calculation guide as far as practical but many repository calculations depart from it.
 Only XLC Pro subscribers can download from the repository.


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