When XLC is first installed it will be automatically configured in a restricted trial mode. If you have an active XLC Pro or XLC Ed subscription a software release key, unique to each user, allows you to switch on full functionality.

Follow these instructions to configure XLC in the fully Functional mode.

  1. Log into the site using your username and password.
  2. On the My Account Menu select the 'Profile' link.
  3. See your XLC Release Code at the top of the page.
  4. Remember: You will need a new release code when you have renewed your subscription.
  5. Now open Excel and click on the "XLC Settings" button on the XLC toolbar. Enter your username and XLC release code here. Save settings and you are configured in XLC Pro mode. Take care to copy and paste your username from the member login menu because it is case sensitive!
  6. On the XLC toolbar press "Redraw all worksheet equations" and all the equations are redrawn without any "Non-commercial use." watermarks or hyperlinks to the ExcelCalcs site.
  7. Install XLC on up to three machines provided it is for your own use only.

Provided your XLC Pro subscription is renewed XLC will continue to have full functionality and XLC will never expire or require re-installation. If your subscription is not renewed your copy of XLC will revert to XLC Trial mode (see difference).