Image10,000 Downloads! - This week the ExcelCalcs download counter broke the 10000 mark. If only I could get 1 upload for every 100 downloads the repository would be full! Users tell me they intend to upload calculations but are too busy at the moment - well take a break and send that calculation now - it will be much appreciated.

ImageWith a little help from our friends - A couple of members are looking for assistance in the forum. Please help them if you can.

Can anyone help newbs? - Does anyone have a spreadsheet for calculating foundation bolts on skid units?

Can anyone help richardj? - Does anyone have a calculation for hoppers (e.g. storage of materials)where the hopper walls and stiffeners can be assessed?

Image New Uploads - I often turn to wikipedia before turning to my textbooks (well I can usually do a web search faster than I can find my books). I have been adding calculation links to wikipedia pages which both adds to the wiki and brings new traffic to ExcelCalcs. I added a couple of new uploads since my last news letter. Don't forget to review and rate them.

Tranformation Matrix - Wikipedia helped me to rememmber the rotaional transformation matrix. It's encoded in spreadsheet form here.


Vessel Stresses - I often turn to wikipedia to remind myself of the equations now its encoded into a spreadsheet here.