Basic Pressure Vessel Stress.xls



Purpose of calculation stress in thin-walled pressure vessels.

Calculation Reference

Calculation Validation checked against reference material.

Version 02 addresses comments of yukimura. Diagrams are inserted to show the different type of stresses and thin shell approximation and validity are shown more clearly.

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29 Jan 2008
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Comments: 2
JohnDoyle[Admin] 15 years ago
I take your point mjlear I had copied the text from the wikipedia page which stated "the hoop stress, or stress in the radial direction". Hoop stresses follow the circumferential direction not the radial direction so I am inclined to agree with you. I have deleted the reference to radial direction and up issued the calculation to rev 03. I have reported the issue to the wikipedia page.
JohnDoyle[Admin] 15 years ago
hoop stress is in the circumferential direction not the radial direction as stated