Simultaneous equations - I have been helping my daughter revise for her high school maths exams and I put together an excel spreadsheet so that she could check her work. It uses Excel's matrix functions which I have never used before so I learnt a bit too. Download it here - don't forget to rate and review the calculation.

University Collaborations - I have had an idea that students could develop Excel calculations, design guides and technical notes for the Repository and submit the work as part of their course. The work could be developed in the forum to allow ExcelCalcs users to guide and contribute to the work. I would very much like to hear your opinions on this especially if you are involved education. If you have any thoughts about this please contribute to the discussion on the site forum.

ImageSick of the sight of me? - I seem to be one of the few people to have set a forum avatar (an avatar is a user's graphical representation of himself or herself). So if you are fed up of seeing just my face you can select your own forum avatar from a gallery or you can upload your own - simply login to ExcelCalcs Select 'Forum' from the Main Menu and then 'Select my Avatar' from the forum menu. It will be nice to see some new faces up there. Here are a few from the gallery:

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