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In mathematics, simultaneous equations, or systems of equations, are a set of equations containing multiple variables. This Excel document solves for 2 variables using matrix methods. It can easily be adapted for more variables. The solution is also plotted on an Excel Chart.

04 Jun 2007
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29 Jan 2008
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AFingle 13 years ago
Great new comment feature (I just had to try it out). Looks like all the authors have been busy recently. Well done ExcelCalcs!
JohnDoyle[Admin] 13 years ago
We have improved the user comment feature on the site to encourage more user comments. There has always been a comment feature in the Repository but now it is extending its reach to the 'Site News' pages. So please feel free to add your comments.
BillyNoMates 17 years ago
This calculation is good for simultaneous equations (aali y=3x^2-4x+z is a quadratic equation which cannot be solved simultaneously - you'll find a solution for quadratic equations by searching the Repository).