ExcelCalcs eFormulas aims to replace traditional engineering formula books providing innovative functionality to copy from our webpages and paste directly into Excel.

Once in Excel it is easily edited to suit your own problems this functionality is far more flexible than 'stuck on the web'  calculation tools like javascript and widgets. Complex calculations can be generated quickly by joining a series of eFormulas on a single worksheet. This offers a great productivity boost to our users.

Each eFormulas page includes a preview of the calculation showing relevant sketches and mathematical equations prepared using our XLC software so that the calculation method is fully transparent. They are linked to an Excel Repository item so that the version history can be controlled and so you can subscribe to email update notifications. We have even optimised the eFormulas section of the site so that it is easily viewable from iphones and other mobile devices so you can view eFormulas where ever you might be.

Web cop and paste direct to Excel!

Currently the eFormulas section of the site is under construction but if you would like to take a sneak preview you will find it by following this link. Take a look at a sample symmetric I section calculation and try copying the formulas directly into Excel. You'll find a comment feature on each page so please leave some comments to help us develop this exciting new feature. Over the coming months we'll be reviewing our repository for useful formulas to post to our new eFormulas section. We aim to build the world's most useable and comprehensive Excel online Formlabook to complement our XLC software and Repository of Excel files.

WebPaste.png We have also introduced a new 'Web Paste' button to the XLC toolbar to help you copy from eFormulas and pasted into your workbook and to get the best out of ExcelCalcs eFormulas.You'll need to download the latest version of XLC (V12.02.01)

Repository News

Uploaded Repository Folder, Calculation link, Author Details and Calculation Version History
2011 Nov. 30 This file is located in the Areas folder. UpdateProperty Of Sections - Hollow Rectangle.xls by JohnDoyle. File version 1.1 view full version history.
2011 Nov. 30 This file is located in the Coordinates folder. New!radius of curvature by nagvalishe.
2011 Nov. 29 This file is located in the Add-Ins folder. UpdateXLC addin for MS Excel by JohnDoyle. File version 12.02.01 view full version history.
2011 Nov. 25 This file is located in the Miscellaneous folder. New!Helical Spring Design Guide.xls by JohnDoyle.
2011 Nov. 24 This file is located in the Beams folder. UpdateACI318-08 RC Beam by RichardFernandez. File version 1.2 view full version history.
2011 Nov. 22 This file is located in the Civil Engineering folder. New!Concrete Special Structural Wall ACI 318-08.xls by DL12345.
2011 Nov. 18 This file is located in the Pins and Joints folder. UpdatePin and Lug - Static and Fatigue.xls by JohnDoyle. File version 1.3 view full version history.