Dallas based mining equipment company Atlas Copco Drilling Solutions received an ExcelCalcs productivity boost last week. About 50 engineers attended a two day in-house training course “Design of Welded Joints (Strength and Fatigue)”. Our objective was to increase the confidence of a mixed-ability engineering department in understanding and designing welded joints. The training opened their eyes to XLC and the ExcelCalcs Repository of engineering solutions. I spent a full week with them setting aside time to allow engineers to bring their individual problems forward. I helped them find solutions and directed them to useful ExcelCalcs resources. I am very grateful for the support of Atlas Copco and for their kind 'southern hospitality'. I’ll be doing my best to support them into the future. Please contact me if you would like your organisation to team up with ExcelCalcs too.

Repository News

Roy Beardmore is a sadly deceased UK Mechanical Engineer who continued to support his profession in retirement through his incredibly useful website, now preserved at Those of you who are familiar with Roy's website will be as delighted as I was to see he uploaded three new calculations to ExcelCalcs. Turan Babacan continues his magnificent work on his ExcelFEM suite of spreadsheets bringing finite element analysis to Excel users (more about this in the next newsletter). Aftab122 makes his début calculation.

Uploaded Repository Folder, Calculation link, Author Details and Calculation Version History
2011 Jul. 03 This file is located in the Plates folder. New!Plates by roymech1.
2011 Jul. 03 This file is located in the Shafts folder. New!Shaft Deflections by roymech1.
2011 Jul. 03 This file is located in the Fluid Mechanics folder. New!Fluid Jets by roymech1.
2011 Jun. 29 This file is located in the Pins and Joints folder. New!Padeye Design by aftab122.
2011 Jun. 28 This file is located in the Finite Element folder. New!ExcelFEM xlsb version (for Excel 2007 & Excel 2010) by BABACAN.
2011 Jun. 27 This file is located in the Finite Element folder. UpdateExcelFEM xls version for Excel 2003 by BABACAN. File version 1.5 view full version history.
2011 Jun. 14 This file is located in the Civil Engineering folder. UpdateACI 318-08 Rec Sec. Mx -Q-Torsion Design by abushady. File version 4.0 view full version history.